Ombudsman constitutes Human Rights Complaint register Cell

KARACHI: The Ombudsman Sindh Asad Ashraf Malik has constituted “Human Rights Complaint Register Cell” at the Ombudsman Secretariat.

The cell has been set-up in pursuance of deliberations and decisions taken by the Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights,Government of Pakistan.

The cell will monitor human rights situation in the province and implementation of international conventions on human rights to which Pakistan is a signatory.

Pakistan is under obligation to ensure compliance of the conventions so that it could avail facilities under Generalized System of Preference (GSP) Plus.

The proposed cell at the Ombudsman Secretariat would be headed  by a Director General of Ombudsman Secretariat and Director, Directorate of Human Rights, an advocate, of the Supreme Court and Director Minorities Affairs will act as its members.

The cell will hold periodical meetings to monitor human rights situation and other related issues in the province and develop systems and mechanisms for the prevention and redressal of human rights violations. The cell will also identify vulnerable sections of the society and monitor their condition.

The cell will submit its report regularly to the Ombudsman suggesting measures for checking violations of human rights and the Ombudsman Sindh will advice the Provincial Government on the issues affecting human rights and their redressal in compliance with the human rights conventions.