Jerome Jarre – Journey from dream to reality

Can an unhealthy food product’s advertisement on social media make anyone millionaire? Yes, it has happened. Jerome Jarre, a 24-year-old from France who has become famous for making comical six-second videos on Vine, where he has eight million followers. The Vines include Mr. Jarre walking up to strangers in the street and hugging them, or hanging out with his best friend, a squirrel.

The stunts which have been played by him, viewed more than one billion times. This six second video made him so famous. Recently, he organized a meet-up in São Paulo, Brazil, the riot police were called in to quell the crowd of thousands.

Jerome Jarre was born in Albertville, a small town in the French countryside. He is a young Jerome was quiet, shy and constantly bullied. He was raised by his single mother, Agnes Jarre, but always remained happy in his life.

Then one day, he released his six second video called Vine. At first, the six-second videos he posted to Vine were as boring as everyone else’s: a clip of a pool table, a candle flickering. And then one evening in a Toronto bar, while in the restroom, he pulled out his phone and did a goofy dance in front of the mirror. But 16 likes in a second amazed him a lot.

Jerre shared his views, said, “I would wake up each morning and spend the entire day out in the street making Vines. His hard work soon paid off, his Vine account started racking up followers by the tens of thousands each day. He then struck a deal with Mr. Vaynerchuk, from the audio book he had listened to, to start an advertising agency that focused on Vine stars.

No doubt that his restless positivity made him so famous among his fans.

He was surprised again when for an unhealthy food product, an advertising agency offered to pay him $1 million, which suddenly changed his world. Surely, that was a journey from dream to reality.