Coffee may protect against some skin cancers

ISLAMABAD: Drinking coffee on a regular basis may protect individuals against malignant melanoma, a leading cause of skin-cancer death, a new study suggests.

Avid drinkers of coffee-who take four or more cups daily- were 20 percent less likely to develop malignant melanoma than non-coffee consumers, according to a study, Press Tv reported.

The study showed that 55.9 cases of melanoma per 100,000 people were reported yearly among those who drank at least four cups of coffee a day, versus 77.64 cases among the people who did not consume the beverage.

“Our results, and some from other recent studies, should provide reassurance to coffee consumers that drinking coffee is not a risky thing to do,” said study researcher and doctoral student at the Yale School of Public Health, Erikka Loftfield.

Despite the controversies about the health benefits of coffee, a number of studies have shown that drinking coffee in moderation can protect the individual against heart disease and several other health disorders.