Superfluous technology, when you say to your car, ‘Go park yourself’

BMW has created a system that actually obeys when a driver says to the car, “Go Park yourself.”

Now the owners are free from parking angst, because no more human intervention required in parking a car. Sensors and software have turned vehicles into robotic chauffeurs, dropping off drivers and then parking themselves.

According to a BMW engineer, BMW demonstrated such technical prowess this month with a specially equipped BMW i3 at the International CES event.

The electric vehicle works when you say,“BMW, go park yourself,” and off the vehicle scurried to an empty parking spot, turning and backing itself perfectly into the open space. In the same way, it follows another command when you say, “BMW, pick me up”.

The laser scanners, including two mounted in the front right and left quarter panels can be found in i3 without any GPS.  The Samsung watch includes its own cellular connection, so commands are sent to a BMW server, which then relays the instructions to the car.

It is pertinent to mention here that BMW calls it fully automated remote valet parking.

The car has a sense of control, which is like a mere technicality when standing 100 feet away from the car. But not being behind the wheel does have one distinct advantage: There is no trepidation about being trapped inside a robotic car that might crash.

Through this latest technology, the drivers can easily understand that there are some tasks the car might be able to do better than you.

Various parking asset technologies also come in the ground; several other companies have demonstrated similar self-parking cars, including Toyota, Valeo and Volkswagen.