Wi Tribe introduces a radical new technology for its Pakistani clients

Wi Tribe, one of the leading internet service provider in Pakistan has introduced a radical new technology for its Pakistani clients by introducing video optimization solutions. This state of the art innovation makes Wi Tribe the only internet service provider in Pakistan adopting this technology to enhance the experience of its customers.

Video optimization aims to improve customer’s viewing experience by reducing video start times or re-buffering events as well as reducing the amount of network bandwidth consumed by video sessions.
With the recent spike in mobile data consumption and the trends of watching streaming videos on mobiles and tablets as well as computers video optimization solutions were much in demand by the Pakistani consumers, Wi tribe by meeting this very demand offers their customers a chance to enjoy even faster video streaming and internet surfing. Announcing this groundbreaking innovation Mr. Wasim Ahmed CEO of Wi tribe said
“Wi-tribe understands how powerful it is to make broadband instantly available, and have invested in the technology networks needed to maintain strong growth and reliable service for all of our customers. Wi Tribe has always put the customer first, ensuring all products and services are built entirely on what the market demands”.

And if that’s not all Wi Tribe has also introduced 65% more volume for its customers using 1mbps package as a celebratory token, the customers can now enjoy 20 GB data instead of 12 GB while the offer lasts. And that’s not all either, as an extra icing on cake Wi Tribe has also announced that they are giving away a Honda City 2014 to one of their lucky customers by lucky draw, all customers become eligible for this draw upon paying their December Bill. To find out more about this promotion or to order Wi Tribe’s service visit their website now.