The Crafter’s Expo

Question 1 : Why this Expo is important for creative people or industry?

Answer 1 : The Crafter’s Expo was coined with the concept of bringing together the craft community, not just in Karachi but across Pakistan, all united for a cause: Crafts

Question 2 Define Importance of Crafter expo ?

Answer 2 : The event is a platform for craft based talent and homespun businesses. The show emphasizes positive drive within young entrepreneurs, promotes women empowerment, and creates an awareness of crafts among the local people. The concept of the Crafter’s Expo has been novel for Pakistan from our first initiative. It is home to crafters, hobbyists, and budding businesses. It brings together a like minded audience and generates appropriate exposure. The process toward the show preparations alone groom and refine participants & their skills toward time management, presentation, quality and finesse as well as boosting confidence toward their work. 95% of our participants are women owned and operated businesses 18% of our participants are students or young entrepreneurs 8% of our participants are NGO’s, Special Needs, or Development Programs for the Underprivileged.

It has been organized by Firefly and the The Crafter’s Guild. Dastkari.Pk partnered up with very recently. The show began 3 years ago. is Pakistan’s premeire marketplace for crafters that gives an online presence and allows skilled craftsmen and artisans to sell their handicrafts, handmade products Dastkari provides them an estore to reach wider audiences. Dastkari aims to empower crafters especially women who are talented but are largely confined to their houses but through Dastkari they can now sell online to a larger audience.

Question 3 : What is Dastkari.Pk, What is its mission?

Answer 3 : Dastkari.Pk is initiated by Rafay Qureshi and Varah Mussavir. While the Crafter’s Expo is a platform up close and personal, to meet and interact with the crafters and their consumers, we hope to be able to tap markets in other cities in terms of expansion and exposure. We want to build a network across Pakistan to allow the show to travel to other cities and districts. We want to deliver quality and project unique ideas. We also want Pakistan based crafters to reach out and expand their horizons, to penetrate across borders to international clients as well.