Job authority adds to depression in women

ISLAMABAD: Depression in women increases with job authority, according to a recent study.

A study by the University of Texas found out that symptoms of depression increases for women in authority while for men, it was the exact opposite, reported BBC health.

The study called, “Gender, Job Authority, and Depression,” looked at 1,300 middle-aged men and 1,500 middle-aged women who graduated from high

The study found that women without job authority still showed more signs of depression than men also without job authority. Women who had the ability to hire, fire and influence pay, showed “many more symptoms of depression than men,” the study said.

As the study shows, it seems that all women in the workplace show more signs of depression than men.

What is striking is that women with job authority in the study are advantaged in terms of most characteristics that are strong predictors of positive mental health.

According to the study, women in authority tend to deal with interpersonal tension, negative social interactions, negative stereotypes prejudice, social isolation, resistance from subordinates, colleagues and superiors.

“Women in authority positions are viewed as lacking the assertiveness and confidence of strong leaders. But when these women display such characteristics, they are judged negatively for being unfeminine. This contributes to chronic stress,” researchers said.

On the other hand, men in power typically deal with fewer stressors because they do not have to overcome the “typical stereotypes” women face in the work place, the study said.

The study calls for people to address gender discrimination, hostility and prejudice against women leaders in the workplace.

Also, the study said that women with the top jobs had “worse mental health than lower-status women.