How to be a Great thought leader

Building an ability to go up to the higher level of position in any behemoth organization is a continuous process as the person having expertise are great leaders and giants are always looking for such kinds of professionals (Great leaders have ability to influence others opinion and ,thus, contribute to the organization goal). In order to get expertise in any area of your interest is like a trying to be a leader. So, after taking the following piles to strengthen our ability, not only can a person  get recognition in its organization, peers and colleagues ,but also achieve the higher level of success.

“An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.” – Niels Bohr

To fly aeroplane, we need to embark on it. learning is like getting into the plane because the more knowledge, we will have about any particular subject, the more we will be able to transform the other person’s opinion and that can only be achieved by learning as much as we can. So, we should keep our education going and attend conference as it may result in elevating our networking. Books and Journals are helpful to keep our knowledge update while we cannot underestimate the power of social media and blogs. So, we should become part of this community to write and get feedback.

Shining like a moon needs consistent efforts to get yourself noticed at your workplace.So, integrate your academic education with practical life is necessary to get head and that can only be done by getting Mentor in the field. Mentor can be any person – an older employee or leader at our workplace-who has made contribution to the field. Learning from mentor’s experience can speed up our progress. If we do not find one-to-one mentor-ship, we can attend podcast to add up our knowledge. Seminars can help us in this regard as well.

Opportunities arise from networking.So, joining the relevant group of colleagues along with getting education and mentor-ship can enhance our learning pace. This is because it will not only widen our networking ,but also knowledge sharing that may aid us in finding out our weakness as the concept of perfection comes from imperfection-means weakness that is identified can be made up for-. Having filled up the vacuum in that area, we can achieved the desired level of perfection to shine. All of us know very well that CEO, President, Vice-Presidents and General Managers are great thought leaders. Expertise are necessary to become a great thought leader that can be acquired by taking the above mentioned nutrients. In last, we can say, hope for the what you love and love what you do.