Use of cloud computing for genes

Medicine and Medication rely upon technology too much. Initially, Thermometer, Microscope and Kymograph devices were used to examine and to diagnose. The health care sector also getting advantage of innovations in technology happening in these days. DNAnexus, USA based organization, has given breakthrough by applying cloud computing technology to the area of exome sequencing.

Exom is that part of the gene that code information for protein synthesis while sequencing is a technique to select a subset of DNA that encodes protein and then surfing through that DNA using highly sophisticated DNA sequencing technology. Professionals working in bio-technical , forensic biology and virology needs to have knowledge about DNA sequencing.

In beginning, the complicated process of an entire exom sequencing used to take about 13 years with 3 billion dollars that has been reduced by one day -or an hour with 1000 dollar cost. According to report, Regeneration Genetics centre, a health care company, has joined hands with DNAnexus for exome sequencing. 1000 exam is already being researched weekly that is one percent of genome to get data and information that can assist companies and laboratory in healing diseases.

Time and cost are the most important factor to address any health care problem. Regeneration Genetic centre used to take six months to analyze a genome that will be reduced significantly as DNAnexus will be handling all exome sequencing by cloud computing. DNAnexus has the speciality to export all data from sequencing machine and into cloud computing where it can be translated into meaningful information.

The partnership between these organizations to improve research definitely would yield positive impact on the field of biotechnology and other associated areas that would ultimately result in increasing patient care. Officials from both sides have expressed satisfaction over the deal and said that such collaboration has made the data accessible easily in the cloud and partners can perform experiments as they have large data for sharing for the purpose.

Even though, Both of these organizations have come together to serve the health care, but yet the drawbacks of using cloud computing cannot be overlooked as it is all about the internet . Using it, make the organization depends on the internet if your internet service faces frequent outages or slow speed issue . cloud computing would not be suitable for the organization. Security is another issue faced by the firm using the technology, firm providing this service convince a lot of user or client that they have established state of the art security infrastructure and data is safe , but hacking factor or data breach possibility cannot be ignored.

However, we can say that organization can employ the necessary shield to counter the drawbacks so that benefits can be gained to the maximum level that would result in enhancing the performance of health care.