Thin attendance at offices after Eid

ISLAMABAD: The attendance at government, semi-government and private sector departments remained thin on Thursday-the first working day after Eid holidays.

Most of the people have opted casual leave for Thursday and Friday to extend their Eid vacations till Sunday as majority of Capital residents went to their native places to celberate Eid with their loved ones and would be returning after the weekend.

Starting from Last Friday, such employees would enjoy 9 days break till next Monday when actually work at government and semi-government organizations would start on normal pace.

However, those who celeberated Eid in the twin cities or reside near by returned to their respective offices on Thursday.

Those attended offices remained busy in exchanging Eid greetings with each other besides disposing of their official obligations. The hot topic of discussion was everyone’s experience of sacrificing animals at Eid, high rates of animals and charges of butchers who took full benefit of their skill.

The government and private offices, business centres, small and large enterprises, corporations, banks, shops, medical centres and utility service centres also witnessed low number of clients.

The government had announced three Eid holidays and along with two weekly off at least 50 per cent of employees moved to their hometowns on last Friday and Saturday.

They would return to their workplaces on Monday, said Muhammad Akram working in bank here in Supper Market branch.

Similarly, a large number of private offices located in the federal capital also reported low attendance.

Similarly attendance at educational institutions remained thin.

Public transport on all routes of the twin cities also resumed on Thursday.

Traffic, especially public transport on these routes remained very thin or even off the road during Eid holidays, which resulted in exploitation of commuters at the hands of taxi drivers,” said Muhammad Afzal, a resident of Model town.

However, it was observed that most of the government employees from far-flung areas of Sindh, Balochistan, KPK and Punjab could not make way to the Capital soon after the end of holidays due to rush at Bus terminals- another reason of thin attendance at offices.

Sahgeer Ahmed , working as manager in a private company said actually people moved to their hometowns to celebrate Eid. Obviously, it is difficult for them to return quickly after Eid like the residents of adjoining areas.

He said availability of transport was one of the major problems for them. “Well, we hope to see all the seats filled after Monday.”

Although the declared festival days are over but the spirit and happiness still persisted and people hugged their colleagues and friends warmly during their maiden encounter after the Eidul Azha.

Muhammad Ramzan, an employee of a mobile phone company while coming from Lahore said people were facing problems to get seats due to heavy   rush of passengers at the bus terminals.

Source: APP