THE RUPEE: all-round decline

The rupee failed to come out of the woods after surrendering its overnight gains against the dollar on the money market on Friday, dealers said. The rupee slid in terms of the dollar, losing 30-paisa for buying and selling at Rs 103.25 and Rs 103.30 respectively, they said.

INTEBANK MARKET RATES: OPEN MARKET RATES: In sympathy with the inter-bank market, the rupee dropped 15-paisa in terms the dollar for buying and selling at Rs 102.90 and Rs 103.10 respectively. It also lost 25-paisa in relation to the euro for buying and selling at Rs 130.25 and Rs 130.50, they said.

In the final Asian trade, the yen pulled away from two-week lows against the dollar on safe-haven bids as US stock futures tumbled on reports that a New York doctor had tested positive for the Ebola virus. The dollar was trading against the Indian rupee at Rs 61.31, the greenback was at 3.2800 in terms of the Malaysian ringgit and the US currency was available at 6.1203 versus the Chinese yuan.

Open Bid       Rs.102.90
Open Offer     Rs.103.10

Interbank Closing Rates: Interbank Closing Rates For Dollar on Friday.

Bid Rate       Rs.103.25
Offer Rate     Rs.103.30
RUPEE IN LAHORE: The Pak rupee failed to maintain upward move and lost five-paisa against the US dollar on the local currency market on Friday.

According to the currency dealers, the dollar witnessed slight increase in its demand that led its rate up from overnight closing of Rs 102.80 and Rs 103.05 to Rs 102.85 and Rs 103.10 on buying and selling counter, respectively.

However, the rupee continued rising trend for another day and was appreciated against the pound sterling. The pound’s buying and selling rates were declined from Thursday closing of Rs 164.65 and Rs 164.90 to Rs 164.50 and Rs 164.75, respectively, the dealers said.

RUPEE IN ISLAMABAD AND RAWALPINDI: The rupee showed an improvement of Re 1 against the dollar on the open currency markets of Islamabad and Rawalpindi here on Friday.

The dollar opened at Rs 103 (buying) and Rs 103.10 (selling) against last rate of Rs 102 (buying) and Rs 102.10 (selling). It did not observe further change in the second session and closed at Rs 103 (buying) and Rs 103.10 (selling).

Pound Sterling opened at Rs 164 (buying) and Rs 164.10 (selling) against same overnight value. It did not observe further change in the evening session and closed at Rs 164 (buying) and Rs 164.10 (selling)

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