The New Magnetic Mirror paves the ways for other inventions

Mirrors are said to be a surface that reflects undiffused light to form an object placed in front of it. Mirror is used for several purposes in various things. We can take the example of looking glass that we used to see ourself. Similarly, we also used it in car-rearview and side mirror, telescopes and dental mirrors. But, now, Scientist has discovered new kind of mirror that is called Magnetic Mirror.

According to a researched published in Optical Society’s (OSA) high impact journal Optica, Scientist used a surface specifically designed with non-metallic surface studded with nano-scale resonators and observed that infrared wavelength was reflected in different manner. According to scientist, general metal coated mirror not only show image, but also throw back the light electric field as well and it has no significance for those who use it casually, but it becomes cumbersome for those working in the arena of light absorbing or reflecting material such as optical and laser, etc. The impact of incoming and outgoing magnetic field at the point of reflecting on surface is most interrupting.

To achieve the objectives, Scientist created artificial meta-material that meet the criteria of particular requirements. The meta-material was made up of nano scale cube-shaped resonators on the basis of the element of tellurium, each was smaller and tinier than the width of hair and the wavelength of infrared light respectively as magnetic field can only reflect and contain charged particles like electrons and protons, but photons that have not charge, pass through freely.

The researcher team performed this experiment says that it represents the first experiment of its kind in optical magnetic mirror made from meta-material and the scientist is optimistic with regard to this project and claimed that it would lead to the inventions of new sensors, optics and other devices in the future.