Sindh govt. bans entry of 30 scholars in the province

KARACHI: Sindh Government Home department has banned entry of  30 provocative speakers/scholars of other provinces in Sindh, ahead of the month of Moharram, an official hand out here on Wednesday said.

It said that in exercise of the powers conferred u/s 5(1) (a) and (c) of the Sindh Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance, 1960, the Home Department has restricted not to travel either by road, train or air to enter, reside or remain in the province of Sindh for 60 days with immediate effect.

These persons included Moulana Ubeed ur Rehman Deoband belonging to Kamalia Punjab; Moulana Sultan Mehmood Farooqui Deoband from Multan; Muhammad Ramzan Nomani Deoband from Ahmedpur Sharkeya; Zakir Mushtaque Ahmed Mushtaque Shia from Lahore; Allama Jaffar Jatoi Shia from Bahawalpur; Moulana Masood ur Rehman Usmani Deoband from Rawalpindi; Moulana Abdul Majeed Nadeem Deobani from Rawalpindi; Moulana Manzoor Ahmed Chinyoti Deoband from Chinyot; Moulana Muhammad Ahmed Ludhyanvi Deoband from Rahimyar Khan; Moulana Faiz Muhamad Awaisi Deoband from Bahalwalpur; Moulana Muhammad Luqman Deoband from Muzafargarah; Moulana Mohsin Shah Farooqi Deoband from Punjab; Hafiz Ghulam Shia from Multan; Syed Abid Hussain Gardezi Shia from Multan; Molvi Abdul Shakoor Shia from Deenpur Multan; Abdul Sattar Tonsvi Shia from Multan; Mazharul Haq Shia Chakwal; Khadim Hussain s/o Jewan Shah Shia from District Faisalabad; Allama Syed Asif Shah Jilani Shia from Lahore; Waqar Hyder Fayazi Shia from Lahore; Malik Ishaque Deoband from Rahimyar Khan; Moulana Abdul Gafoor Haqani Deoband from Rahimyar Khan; Moulana Abdul Majeed Deoband from Dera Gazi Khan; Moulana Muhammad Shah Turabi Shia from Dera Gazi Khan; Syed Mushtaq Hussain Shah Shia from Multan; Zakir Ishaque Hussain Shia from Lahore; Zakir Ghulam Qadir Shia from Shaikhupura; Allama Sajjad Ali Naqvi Shia from Lahore; Allama Hubdar Faizi Deoband from Lahore and Moulana Manzoor Ahmed Deoband from Madressa Dar ul Uloom District Jhan.

According to the Home department’s notification, the restriction has been imposed on the ground that there are reasons to believe that they will make inflammatory speeches or indulge in activities prejudicial to public safety and maintenance of public order in the other districts of Sindh and; that their speeches, presence or other activities may promote feelings of hatred and ill will among different sects and thus posing, problem of maintenance of law & order. The notification further added that they are at liberty to prefer an appeal to the Government of Sindh against this notification.

Source: APP