PM orders implementation of Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program in federal agencies

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Thursday directed all the federal agencies to implement Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program (CFMP), to improve service delivery, fight petty corruption, enhance citizen trust and communicate state responsiveness.

According to a communique from the Prime Minister secretariat, the CFMP, an innovative program which was first implemented in Punjab, is based on proactive approach. It is aimed at creating a response based nexus with the identified beneficiaries of various services.

The feedback about the quality of service received will be communicated to federal agencies.

The Cabinet Division has been asked to oversee its implementation across the federal agencies and regularly brief the Prime Minister’s Office on progress.

In order to implement the CFMP, the Cabinet Division will appoint a focal person, not below the rank of Additional Secretary for day to day coordination of the Program. It will also set up a dedicated unit, to properly analyse the feedback, improve implementation of the effort, and follow up on corrective actions to be taken by the respective agencies.

A working group, consisting of PTA, NADRA, Information Ministry, and Information Technology Division representatives to be chaired by Cabinet Division’s focal person, will guide fast and effective implementation.

The working group will, within two weeks, suggest measures, including any appropriate changes in rules that may be required, to leverage the NADRA and PTA/telecom databases to improve the quantity and quality of citizen cell numbers.

The Law Secretary will review PTA rules to establish if any amendments are required to enable proactive collection of feedback from citizens for improved service delivery and public sector management.

The Punjab Information Technology Board may be approached to provide technical assistance and help kickstart the efforts till institutionalized arrangements are set up in the federal government.

The Planning Division will provide funds based on the multi-year financing needs identified by the Cabinet Division. The PTA will suggest measures within two weeks, working with telecom companies and to reduce the cost of the exercise including use of the low cost short codes for brand recognition.

The Information Ministry will devise a comprehensive communication campaign to inform the citizens about this effort and the need for citizen participation.

In the first phase of program, efficiency in service delivery of various programs will be ensured including immigration and passports, electricity and gas utilities, company/firm registration and other business services by SECP, new/renewal/change of CNIC by NADRA, property transactions, municipal services by CDA and ICT, Capital Police, attestation of documents by Higher Education Commission, Overseas Pakistani services in various embassies, complaint processing by Federal Ombudsman, taxpayer feedback on ease of tax filing and delivery of various services to BISP beneficiaries.

Source: APP