Peer-to-Peer marketplace created by Tred for used cars

Business are facing stiff competition that’s why they always look for new ideas to elevate the size of sale.Tred,a USA based company, is working to increase the sale of new car, so it acquired  partnership with local dealer to let the customer test drive a car.After working with so many customers, Tred realized the significance of  other part of vehicle buying experience that needs to be improved that is all about the selling.

Selling a used car is also a complicated process full of hassles that involved visiting a dealers to snatch reasonable price or looking for a customer on your own. So, The Tred purpose is to provide a customer choice with regard to buying and selling that makes sense for them.

The company introduced a sale  your car service in May and told their customers it would purchase their car at the certain valuation than the dealers offer. Customer will not have to make any effort in this regard and company can facilitate the sale of used car ,but what customer has to do is just a call and company representative would be at the doorstep to take your hassle on its own shoulder. Your car picture and inspection will be done and you will fix the price and the process of selling your car in the market will be handled by the firm eliminating your problem regarding it.

Having formulated the service of sell your car, company earned a lot of profit than the test drive program as people availed this service felt more comfortable by exonerating themselves from the sale process that is full of hassles. However, A customer can sell a car on his own by visiting dealership but he would have to bear extra burden in term of money and time as he would have to pay twenty percent to his dealers while our primary purpose of providing this service is not earning that’s why we charge just five percent cut from the selling price.besides it, customer can not only save time by availing this service as cars are usually sold out within four to five days that is comparatively lower than the dealers.

Having adopted the service, Tred came to know that dealership might be completely eliminated from this process as dealers have to incur other expenses such as parking and their commission.Dearlers would find it difficult to sell their vehicle in such way as they not only have to earn money ,but also pay their expenses. The Idea is to formulate peer-to-peer transaction enabled car marketplace-a dealership without the cars, lot or sales workforce. Tred Ceo Grant Feek has expressed satisfaction over the business going on after formulating such innovative idea and several other companies has taken on something similar like that and others want to implement the idea it came across .