Pakistani actress Reema honored with American Abroad Media Award

WASHINGTON: Pakistani film actress Reema Khan has been honored with 2014 American Abroad Media Partner Award in recognition of her role in series ‘Reema Khan’s America,’ as the organizers also appreciated her efforts towards fostering people-to-people understanding.

The AAM, which helps promote free exchange of ideas through the development and dissemination of seminal television and radio programming, from South Asia to the Middle East and Africa, also presented the 2014 awards to Oscar-nominated director Paul Greengrass, influential Saudi journalist Turki Aldakhil and leading documentary film organization Impact Partners.

A beaming Reema Khan expressed joy, as she stood alongside her husband, Dr. Tariq Shahab. She thanked Aaron Lobel, founder and president of America Abroad Media, for efforts to promote understanding between cultures.

In a media appearance before the awards ceremony, Reema Khan told journalists that Pakistani and Indian films can help improve cultural understanding between the people. She asked New Delhi to allow screening of Pakistani films in India.

“For the last couple of years, Indian films are being released in Pakistani theatres, which are a wonderful sign. Now I am expecting from Government of India to allow release of Pakistani films in Indian theaters.”

The famed Pakistan actress, who has starred in over 200 movies, noted that audiences of the two countries can be brought together through films.

“They can get a very strong message. They can understand the traditions, values and culture system which has developed in Pakistan.”

Source: APP