Pakistan shares concern over Indian aggression with US

WASHINGTON: Pakistan has conveyed its deep concern to the United States over the continued Indian aggression along the Kashmir Line of Control in the disputed Kashmir region that has claimed a dozen lives and struck a blow to the South Asian peace prospects.

“The LoC ceasefire violations are a setback to Pakistani peace overtures”, Islamabad’s ambassador to the United States Jalil Abbas Jilani told a Pakistani TV news channel.

“We expected a positive response to our peace offer but what has now happened along the Line of Control and the Working Boundary contradicts what the new Indian government had indicated in terms of having a peaceful relationship with Pakistan for economic development of the region”, he noted.

Pakistan, he said, has taken up this matter of violations with the United Nations and in several world capitals.

“We have conveyed our position and concerns in this regard to the highest level at the State Department and that Pakistan wants an immediate end to the ceasefire violations through dialogue”.

Besides, Pakistan has delivered a formal letter to the United Nations, addressed to the Secretary General, requesting that it be circulated be as official UN document so that Islamabad’s concerns are relayed to the world.

The tension is is nobody’s interest, Ambassador Jilani said, adding Islamabad would be willing to have an impartial investigation into ceasefire violations, which continued through the last week.

For example, he said, the UN Military Observers Group for India and Pakistan could be entrusted with the the responsibility.

Pakistan will be ready for such a neutral step.

Source: APP