Over 3 lakh books damaged in Srinagar’s famed book shop

ISLAMABAD: A decades-old book shop in Srinagar has suffered a massive loss of more than 350,000 books during the last month’s devastating flood.

Last month, the floods not only damaged healthcare and other infrastructure in the Kashmir Valley but also turned millions of books in the city’s bookstores into muck, KMS reported.

“Approximately 350, 000 books got damaged in our book shop,” said Zahoor Ahmad, the manager of a famous bookstore, Ali Muhammad & Sons, established in 1932.

He said that the loss of books would be in crores of rupees. “We had all kinds of books, academic, professional/ technical and our own publications.

But everything was lost in the floods,” he added.

Students from across Kashmir would fetch from this bookstore the books and related academic material they needed.

But now, it has signs of destruction to show. “Majority of the students would come to this book shop because of its historical background,” Zahoor Ahmad said.

“We are trying hard to take back the book shop to its glory. Right now, we are extracting dead stock from the store,” he added.

Rarest among the series, he said, was Tarikh-I-Hassan, a significant historical account of Kashmir by famous author Ghulam Hasan Khuihami or Hasan Shah Khuihami.

“There were many other important series of books. Nothing is safe. Everything is gone,” Ahmad said.

Source: APP