Nobel Prize for Malala source of joy for all Pakistanis

KARACHI: Karachiites in general have hailed conferment of Nobel Peace Prize upon their compatriot Malala Yousufzai and congratulated the young lady for bringing much needed laurels for the country.

Sharing their views as the news broke on local channels many said they never expected this, however, are extremely excited with the pleasant surprise brought to them by Malala.

They were of concerted opinion that conferment of Nobel Prize on Malala was a slap on the faces of those trying to pull Pakistan to medieval ages.

“Infact Malala has emerged to be role model for all developing and under developed countries who through her resilience well communicated that people in general want to progress,” said Mehnaz Rehman a senior women activist.

Asma Bukhari an activist working for women education said Malala as a Pakistani has told the world that people of Pakistan, particularly the girls would fight for their right to education and shall not surrender before the extremists.

Citizens said the achievement is not only of Malala but of all Pakistanis as a message has been efficiently communicated that Pakistanis are for equal rights to progress and growth for all people, including women and girls.

Source: APP