No change in 2015 Africa Cup schedule over Ebola: CAF

CAIRO: The schedule for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations will not be changed, African football’s governing body the African Football Confederation (CAF) announced on Saturday despite hosts Morocco calling for its postponement over the Ebola crisis.

The Moroccan health ministry had lodged a demand with CAF to postpone the January 17-February 8 competition as it could involve countries affected by the Ebola virus.

CAF “confirms that there is no change in the schedule of its competition and events. We would like to note that since the first edition of the Africa Cup in 1975, this cup has never been delayed or cancelled,” the Cairo-based organizers said in a statement.

It said the organizers have been conscious of the “health risks from Ebola virus and it has implemented the precautions as required by the World Health Organization”.

CAF said the request made by Morocco will be “discussed during the next meeting of CAF’s executive committee on November 2 in Algiers”.

The Algiers meeting will be followed a day later by a meeting between Moroccan officials and CAF, the governing body said.

Source: APP