New Email service “Inbox” launched by Google

Email has become part of our life, not only to keep in touch our colleagues, kith and kin, but also getting, sending and retrieving information. So, Technological organization is either trying to improve or presenting this service in a enticing  way. Now, Google has introduced a new email service, which is named as ‘Inbox”.

The new Email service propounded by Google has bundle feature that can group together all the similar information in a particular place. So, Information in email like bank statement and accounts detail will be put together. Getting or remembering any significant information is task made easy in Inbox as Reminder feature will alert the user regarding important task while Assist work with reminder to bring relevant information in front of user such as room reservation in a guest house would automatically be displayed along with map attached to it, but if user doesn’t want this, then let the Snooze feature work here to calm down that information .

We can remember any important information, as long as it is put in front of us. Highlights feature works in this area-Meeting, which is to be attended and event information-are all put in front as qualified.

Google negated the impression of Inbox as an upgrade of Gmail and said that it has taken years to present it now. According to Google, Inbox is a separate app developed by Gmail team that work with Gmail account and will oblige any IMAP and POP setting has been made in Gmail. However, Sending, Receiving email and retrieving the personal information seems to be the sole purpose of Inbox creation, but it is necessary to mention here that it works with only Android, IOS and chrome only. The service is being provided as an invite-only basis.