Neglecting behavior of Sindh and Federal Govt on Thar is condemnable

ISLAMABAD: The neglecting behavior of Sindh and Federal governments of the ongoing and worsening drought in Thar which is leading to unavoidable deaths through malnutrition and starvation, especially of women and children is totally condemnable, said Chairman PTI Imran Khan.

In previous years 24 suicide cases were reported in 2011 and 35 in 2012. But within the last seven months Tharparkar district has already seen 31 suicide deaths.

According to Khan,  it was shameful and inexplicable why the Sindh and Federal governments failed to anticipate the drought and its fallout despite all signs of a drought situation setting in with the failure of the advent of monsoon rains by mid August.

Khan added that the first priority of any government should be the provision of basic necessities to its people, including food. Yet the people of Tharparkar have been left with no food or protection against disease – especially children.

The problem of the drought had been further aggravated by the total lack of failure to understand what needed to be done, Imran Khan added.