Microsoft’s Xim app launched for picture sharing:

Several types of Mobile apps are being developed by technological giants not only to satisfy end user needs ,but also maintain the interaction with the customers and, ultimately, to increase the business utility. Although Mircosoft has thousand of apps in their store to download, but it has developed another unique app that is named Xim for Photo sharing that can be shared with the colleagues, relative and friends.

Xim app ensures hassle free contact and maintain privacy:

Using Xim will be a wonderful experience for app lovers as user doesn’t lose control over the device and he can send the xim’s link to others to show the pictures up shared easily without handing mobile device over and losing control over the pictures as he scrolls through the photo shared with the contacts means user will be able to see the pics over their own devise without having a one screen hanged in front of the users in a room to see images. For example, imagine, you are sitting with your friends in a hotel and want to show photos, then easily you can share the desired photos by sending  while having device in own hand.

The question over here arise how many people interact in a session and if other person start interacting in the same session that will be confusing but keeping in view that situation, Microsoft has designed that apps in such a way that if multiple people interacts at the same time, its algorithm ensures that every user move freely But if one stops interacting, it will synchronize the user automatically. as far as the issue of number of user concerned, According to Microsoft engineers, it is advisable not to go more than twenty five. However, There is no limit on the people who can be added in the session but, Microsoft recommends to add  three to five people to experience this app.Considering User-Privacy, all pictures are washed away in three hours from Microsoft server while User can keep the session going on for two hours till there are two users to interact.Another issue of  addition of unknown person by other user in a session, Microsoft has decided to let the social norms rule over here as other user will not be able to add another untill and unless there is clear understanding among the users

User should be mobile:

People using this app can enjoy picture sharing with their contact , but it has certain limitation which means you can join the Xim session by your desktop PC or Tablet , but you cannot share pics by your tablet , that is to say, to use this app we have to be mobile. Microsoft has already clarified that Tablet or PC’s user can join any session , but cannot enjoy the sharing feature of this app as it has not been tested. The idea of developing this app to supplement your ideas with photos. As we have already mentioned earlier, this is not a social app, so the idea behind its development is that if I want to show a beautiful home picture, so I will send you the link of the picture that I have taken and you can zoom in on to view the area that is the Microsoft main Idea to develop this app.

Microsoft has launched this app for the user but nothing can be predicted about likeness and dislike about the user.However, keeping in view the features such as privacy and control of user, we can say that technology lover would enjoy this app.