Miandad says Misbah not be blamed for loss against Australia

ISLAMABAD: Legendary Batsman Javed Miandad feels Misbah-ul-Haq should not be criticized and blamed for loss against Australia due to his own form saying the simple fact is that we are unable to produce quality players which is the main concern.

Miandad said Misbah is not the problem in the current situation. “Our
players are able to play well in one game and then flop in the next three games.

Misbah used to score and bring Pakistan out of trouble in the past
but now he is failing to do so due to his own bad form. However,
everything else around him has remained the same,” he told Pakpassion.net.

Miandad said Shahid Afridi has also been in the team around forever
but still he is trying to hit every ball for six runs without planning
when every team knows that he has a weakness against the short
ball. “Anyone in that situation should know how to fix his problem or
at least the coaches should be able to see that problem and look to
rectify it,” he said.

Miandad said the fact is that we are unable to produce players of
caliber and this is a worry. What we are seeing in the current
Australian series is a culmination of our years of negligence
and mismanagement at the highest level,” he said.

Miandad said he had suggested allowing regions to develop
their own talent but the authorities are not cricketing concerned on it.

Speaking about the exclusion of Younis Khan from the ODI squad,
Minadad said like all other teams, we need to be clear why we are
or are not selecting particular players.

“We have to realize that we don’t have a pool full of match winners to choose from. Pitches will be different in Australia-New Zealand and a different type of player is required for those pitches than the one who can succeed in UAE-Sri Lanka etc.,” he said.

Miandad said the selectors and team management need to understand of what strengths are needed to support the batting lineup during the World Cup. “Unfortunately currently I don’t see this type of ability,” he said.

Source: APP