Leaders of sit-ins want to create anarchy

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Interior and Narcotics Control Chaudry Nisar Ali Khan on Sunday said that leaders of sit-ins wanted to create anarchy instead of bringing revolution.

Dances and concerts had never brought revolution, he said and added that the containers of sit-in leaders were surrounded by fake degree holders and deserters of other parties whose character was questionable.

The sit-in leaders had tasted the flavors of other parties as well, he said while addressing a huge public gathering at Kalar Saidan Ground on Saturday, according to a press release.

The minister said while criticizing the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan People’s Party, Imran Khan should also highlight the actual character of people around him.

“Masses should differentiate between the truth and false. We should have done more for people during our current tenure.”

Engineer Qamar ul Islam Raja, Sardar Mohammad Ishaq Khan Advocate, Chaudry Abdul Ghaffar, Sheikh Mohammad Akram and Haji Malik Mohammad Arzam were also present on the  occasion.

Chaudry Nisar said the country was facing serious challenges. It was currently like a house with no roof, windows, doors, electricity and water, and its reconstruction would take time.

He said the people having no experience of running even a small ministry were adamant to run the country. The masses, he said, should not get disappointed. For the last 30 years he (Nisar) had been part of the PML-N and would always remain in the same party, he added.

He criticized the electricity tariff hike and stressed on collective efforts to improve the system.

Source: APP