Kareena Kapoor is a blessing in my life; Karisma Kapoor

Actress Karishma Kapoor feels her actress sister Kareena Kapoor is more like a friend to her than a sibling. The actress, who was last seen in 2012 supernatural thriller film ‘Dangerous Ishq’ said she and Kareena share a strong bond.

According to reports Karisma Kapoor said in an interview, “She is my sister and we are very close. I think she is more of a friend to me than just a family member. We share a great bond and she is a blessing in my life”.

“I think there has never been precedence where two sisters in Bollywood have been successful working simultaneously as heroines in same decade or same generation. I think we have been lucky and fortunate to have had great careers,” she added.

Karisma Kapoor says that professionally they never interfere in each other’s decision. “She is married and wants to choose the work she likes to do. It is completely her choice, she is been that kind of person. I think, right from her first film, she has done whatever she has wanted to do in her life, and I think that is the kind of person she is and we respect that”.

Talking about her kids Karisma Kapoor said, “I am a kind of parent who will let them do whatever they want to do in life, whether they want to be an actor or anything. I would never enforce anything on them”.

By Madiha Shakeel

Source: Business Recorder