Karachi registers its eleventh dengue death

KARACHI:Karachi registered its eleventh dengue hemorrhagic fever death on Saturday as a 27- year- old woman Mehrunisa lost her two- week battle against the ailment on Saturday.

The woman who was admitted to a private hospital, following high fever persisting for quite sometime, failed to regain stability despite being provided with needed assistance.

Her condition deteriorated as she in the meantime started with profuse bleeding and was confirmed to be inflicted with dengue hemorrhagic fever, officials told APP.

Mehrunisa on her arrival at the hospital was said to be provided with required medical support mainly comprising hydration, however, as the condition of the lady deteriorated the mode of treatment was also modified.

Doctors have reminded people that since dengue fever persists in their environment, it is therefore essential to ensure necessary precautions with equal care that the fever that persists for more than six to seven days, without any reason, must not be ignored and the person must be referred to a qualified doctor.

Moreover, a person diagnosed with dengue fever must be protected against dehydration, a consequence of dengue fever, but orally and not necessarily through drip therapy.

The patient and other family members must also be protected against
mosquito bite.

“It is only when doctor registers severe dehydration among the patient
that drip therapy be initiated that also under proper supervision of qualified medical professional, ” said a senior hematologist.

The professionals said proper and timely care, with no provision for
any drug can help patient recover safely from the self limiting condition called “Dengue Fever”.

They also warned people not to take aspirin as a relief against body ache, often experienced by people suffering from fever as being a blood thinner it holds ever chance to enhance hemorrhagic vulnerability among the sufferers.

As for transfusion of blood component, it was advised that these are
only required for hemorrhagic fever patient and has to be initiated only under supervision of doctor generally in a hospital setting.

Source: APP