Karachi commissioner orders crackdown against milk sellers

KARACHI: Karachi Commissioner, Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui has ordered has ordered his task force to expedite the ongoing crackdown against milk sellers and ensure that people are provided with quality milk at officially fixed rates across the metropolis.

Chairing a meeting of the task-force he said supply and sale of substandard or impure milk is not acceptable at any cost and all concerned deputy commissioners must expedite the crackdown underway at different markets and shops.

Siddiqui said the task force, headed by deputy commissioners of each of the districts must also ensure that people are not fleeced under any pretext.

“They may neither be provided with adulterated and sub-standard goods nor subjected to profiteering,” he told the officials.

Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui said Bureau of Supplies and Prices must activate its teams and price inspectors must be made answerable in case any complaint is received from any of the local markets, including the weekly “bachaat” bazaars.

The Commissioner said stringent action would also be taken against organizers of the bachaat bazaars in case any of the stalls were found failing to make proper display of officially approved price lists, selling sub-standard goods and not providing people with the required relief in costs.

Source: APP