IG – Sindh orders immediate measures to prevent traffic jams in Karachi

KARACHI: Inspector General of Police, Ghulam Haider Jamali on Wednesday sought a detailed report from DIG – Traffic Police about measures adopted for traffic management in Karachi.

The provincial chief of police taking notice of repeated complaints about routine traffic jams, specially during rush hours, in different parts of the metropolis has also asked the DIG Traffic to inform him about deployment of cops and their capacities to ensure compliance of traffic rules.

Taking strong exception to the reported traffic mess on the major arteries, Jamali has also sought information about performance of Traffic Police Helpline 915, functioning of signals and also about FM radio service run by traffic police department to inform public about flow situations and any traffic diversions made.

The I.G.P – Sindh said there was urgent need for close coordination among all sections of the traffic police department with equal attention to ensure that all heavy vehicles are prohibited to ply on city roads during rush hour.

“Motorists and commuters are informed round the clock, through FM radio service, about hiccups on thoroughfares owing to any development work, accident or so-forth,” he emphasized.

“Objective and aim has to be service and facilitation to the masses,” added the I.G – Sindh.

The Sindh Police Chief said that appointment of traffic section officers and deployment of traffic cops must be made on basis of merit and professional capacities.

He also ordered the DIG – Traffic to ensure compilation and submission to him reports by police vigilance teams about the performance of deputed traffic officers.

“Strict disciplinary action must be taken against those found engaged in any sort of negligence towards their duties and,or taking advantage of their position at the cost of public.

Source: APP