Hashmi still in political arena to strengthen democracy

MULTAN: Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafiq on Monday declared veteran politician Javed Hashmi as ‘prisoner of conscience’ and defeat in one election cannot end his political career.

After meeting with Javed Hashmi here at his residence, Saad Rafiq said that the fast bowler says that political career of Javed Hashmi was over. But I want to tell him that one election defeat cannot end political career of a brave and courageous man like Javed Hashmi.

Referring to by-elections in Multan, Saad Rafiq said that a politician who changed loyalties had won that election but Imran Khan also lost the battle of principles because the candidate he had supported was part of the status quo.

He said that 100 politicians like Imran Khan and Shah Mehmood cannot be equal to a leader like Javed Hashmi.

Hashmi was a personal friend of mine well before we became politically attached, Saad Rafiq said. He recalled that they both had struggled against dictatorship and suffered jail hardships when Javed Hashmi was a central leader of the PML-N.

Saad Rafiq, however, said that he had one complaint that it becomes extremely hard to convince Javed Hashmi when he is determined to his stance.

Javed Hashmi is a prisoner of conscience and he would continue to raise his voice in accordance with his conscience, Saad said.

On this occasion, Makhdoom Javed Hashmi said that he may have lost a battle in by-elections but has won the war. Hashmi said that he had fought for democracy and returned triumphant adding that those who were opposing the ballot returned to vote when they supported his rival candidate in NA-149 by-elections.

And the purpose of my struggle has been achieved, he added.

Source: APP