Govt committed to rehabilitation of flood affected people: PM

The prime minister, who spent his Eid day with the flood affected people of the area, said the government was also considering ways to ensure that the floods do not cause similar damage in future.

He said flood prevention measures needed huge resources. Since the government was sincere in its efforts to alleviate poverty and serve the masses, he was sure that all problems would be resolved and the government would utilise all resources for their rehabilitation, he added.

The prime minister said he was pleased to spend Eid with the flood affected people, who had braved five feet high water in their villages.

He wanted to visit the areas to personally see the damages, and the relief and rehabilitation measures, and that if the people were satisfied with the work.

He lauded the local authorities and the related departments for reaching out to the flood affected people and serving them selflessly.

The government, he added, was committed to fully rehabilitate the people whose homes had been damaged.

He hoped that the initial installment of Rs 25,000 would have been paid to them and appreciated the efforts of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for quick payment of compensation. It was unprecedented that the chief minister himself visited the Narowal region thrice in the past few days, he added.

Nawaz Sharif said the government was cognizant of the challenges it faced. The issue of electricity shortage was a major issue and the government was working with full resources to cope with it, he added.

He said all those who wanted to stop the development and progress of Pakistan, would fail in their designs. They too would realise one day that what they did was wrong as they were trying to hamper measures for the alleviation of poverty.

The prime minister said his thoughts and prayers were with those who were fighting valiantly at the country’s borders and defending them from internal and external threats.

He prayed for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan and its protection from all those elements, who were trying to destabilize it.

Nawaz Sharif sat along with the flood affected people on the rug. He exchanged Eid greetings with them, expressed his sympathies over their losses and asked whether they were satisfied with the relief measures being taken by the government.

He also asked the local authorities to ensure that the people do not face any difficulties in the rehabilitation process.

The prime minister distributed packets containing food and clothing amongst the flood victims. He hugged an elderly man and handed over an Eid gift to him. An elderly women informed him about the death of her young son in the floods. He was informed that an amount of Rs 1.6 million would be paid to her as compensation.

He said Narowal witnessed unprecedented flood this year and urged the prime minister for a special assistance package for the affected villages, so that those be upgraded to model ones.
He regretted the attempts by vested interests to foil the visit of the Chinese President and to sabotage the inking of several new development projects. He, however, said all efforts would be made to ensure that all those stalled projects were initiated, without delay.

Source: APP