Gems exports up 12.67%, jewellary down by 96.84% in two months

ISLAMABAD: Gems exports from the country during the first two months of current financial year registered an increase of 12.67 percent as compared to the same period of last financial year.

About 2 metric tons of gems worth US$ 1.06 million exported from July-August 2014 as compared to the exports of one metric tons worth US$ 0.947 million of corresponding period of last financial year.

According to the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Jewellary exports from the country registered decrease of 96.84 percent and reached at US$ 1.72 million as compared to US$ 54.6 million of same period of last year.

However, furniture exports from the country posted 30.09 percent increase during the period under review as different kinds of furniture worth US$ 1.15 million exported as compared to the last year’s exports of 0.884 million.

However, the data reveled that exports of molasses and handicrafts registered negative growth their exports during first two months as about 27,649 metric tons worth US$ 3.62 million exported.

The molasses exports were recorded at 36,475 metric tons valuing US$ 4.80 million in first two-months of last financial year, the data reveled.

Meanwhile, electric fans exports from the country increased by 0.35 percent and about 239 thousand units of electric fans valuing US$ 6.5 million exported as compared to 323 thousand units valuing US$ 6.4 million of same period last year.

Source: APP