Fruit, vegetable consumption may reduce stroke risk

ISLAMABAD: Adults who report consuming high amounts of fruits and vegetables had a reduced risk for stroke compared with adults who report consuming low amounts, says a new study.

The meta-analysis included data from 760,729 participants who were followed for a range of 3 to 37 years. All studies had stroke as the primary outcome of interest, and used fruits and vegetables as the exposure of interest, BBC health reported.

“Results from this meta-analysis support the hypothesis that consumption of vegetables and fruits could reduce the risk of stroke.

Multivariable analysis indicated a reduced risk for stroke among patients who reported the highest amount of fruit and vegetable consumption compared with the lowest amount. Exclusion of two trials that did not adjust for patient age yielded similar results.

Researchers also performed a dose-response analysis for both fruit and vegetable consumption, using data from eight studies and 9,706 stroke cases for fruit consumption and six studies involving 8,854 stroke cases for vegetable consumption.

They observed a 32 percent reduction in stroke risk for every 200 gram of fruit consumed daily with an 11 percent reduction in risk for every 200 gram of vegetables consumed daily.

Reasercers concluded that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is highly recommended because it meets micronutrient and macronutrient and fiber requirements without adding substantially to overall energy requirements.

Source: APP