Fireworks in marriage celebrations irk residents

ISLAMABAD: The residents of federal capital have shown concerns over the excessive use of fireworks in the marriage celebrations, hence posing a serious threat to lives and property.

The use of fireworks is not only dangerous but causes noise pollution in the residential sectors of the capital city.

This is very dangerous trend among the youth, particularly teenagers to use fireworks within the residential localities, sometimes leading to fatal incidents.

The residents of G-7 and G-6 said that most of the people arrange marriage parties in tents on roads or streets inside of residential sectors.

They said that they use fireworks which is a big concern for the residents of various localities.

Muhammad Ali, a senior citizen has appealed the residents to be cautious and sensible when discharging fireworks during their marriage celebrations in the residential areas.

“People must celebrate marriages but they are requested to refrain from using fireworks in areas to minimize the fatal incidents,” he said.

Shafiq Khan, a resident of G-6 said that the use of fireworks is dangerous not only for the residents but also for the person using it.

“It can cause serious burn wounds and injuries,” he added.

He said buying fireworks was wastage of money because children use it for entertainment for just a few seconds.

A police official when contacted said, “Trade of fireworks is totally banned and an FIR is immediately registered against those found involved in the business.”

Source: APP