Entry of 158 clerics banned in Rawalpindi division

RAWALPINDI: The entry of as many as 158 religious leaders including clerics of Deoband School of thought, Shia community and Barelvi sect, has been banned in Rawalpindi division.

According to Commissioner Rawalpindi Division, Zahid Saeed, on the directives of the provincial government, elaborate security arrangements have been made for Muharram and the local police and law enforcement agencies have been directed to provide security to all the processions and majalis particularly of “A” category.

He said peace committees had been activated in the four districts while a 16-member monitoring and coordination committee has also been formed to ensure peace and harmony in the division.

According to a City District Government spokesman, the provincial government had received reports from the special branch that the clerics whose entry has been banned in the division may disturb peace and harmony during Muharram.

The entry of 17 clerics including nine from Shia school of thought, six from Deoband and two Berailvi clerics, has been banned in Rawalpindi district.

He said, the divisional administration and law enforcement agencies had made all arrangements to provide foolproof security to 726 main mourning

As many as 726 mourning processions will be brought out in the four districts and 89 of them have been declared highly sensitive. Besides, 3765 majalis will be held in the four districts out of which 391 are very sensitive.

He informed that Police, Traffic Police and Rangers held a flag march on different Roads of Rawalpindi on Sunday. SPs, DSPs and SHOs of Rawalpindi police participated in the flag march that  continued for about two hours.

The march started from police line no. 1 and after passing through Kutchery Chowk, Rashid Minhas Road, Mareer Chowk, Murree Road, Liaquat Road, Raja Bazar, Jamia Masjid Road, Bunni Chowk, Asghar Mall Chowk, Saidpur Road, Haideri Road, Siddiqui Chowk, Rehmanabad Chowk, Arshi Masjid Road, Chira Road, Sadiqabad Chowk, Kuri Road, Rawal Road, Airport Road, Aamar Chowk, Bhatti Chowk, CMH, Cunghi no 22, Kalma Chowk, Dhoke Syedan Road, Masrial Road, Bhatta Chowk, Chor Chowk, Peshawar Road, MH Chowk, Shalimar Chowk, Kutchery Chowk and culminated at the starting point.