Eid ul Azha Sacrifice: Holy ritual turning into a fad

Eid ul Azha reminds us of the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) who made an attempt to sacrifice his son, Prophet Ismail (PBUH) in an ultimate show of obedience to Allah.

In remembrance of this glorious sacrifice, Muslims follow Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi or the example of the Prophet Ibrahim (as) by offering a sacrifice of cattle in the month of Zilhajj.

But unfortunately, we have totally forgotten the true essence of sacrifice.  Today it seems to be more about bargaining, showing off and price tags.

We need to ask ourselves that how many of us actually intend to please Allah with our sacrifice.

The philosophy of sacrifice is to have transparent intentions and if offered with the purest of intents will bring us closer to Allah.

We must  not show off how much we have spent on the animal but rather  show how keen we are to gain divine pleasure by offering it in the way of Allah.