ECP claims to use better ink than magnetic

ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has expressed confidence that ink used for taking thumb impression during by election in NA-149 Multan is better than the magnetic ink used during 2013 general elections.

Talking to APP on Thursday, an official claimed that the ink being used in Multan by-poll is durable and economical than the ink used during general elections.

“The credibility of magnetic ink was doubted previously and the PCSIR had offered to prepare another durable and credible ink in September 2013 and the Commission is using the same ink since then,” the official stated.

He said the ink being used for thumb impression in Multan polls had already been experienced in Balochistan Local Government elections as well as other by-elections conducted recently.

“It is a specialized ink that dries earlier than magnetic ink and gives prominent thumb impression. It is better than magnetic ink,” he added.

He further stated that the present ink is also economical as its one ink pad costs just Rs 50 to 55 while the magnetic ink cost Rs 200 per ink pad.

“There is no question mark about results of the present ink.

It gives clear thumb impression that can be verified easily,” he said.

The ECP official also rejected media reports about not using magnetic ink and clarified that a better ink than magnetic is being used. “It has shown better results in Balochistan LG Polls and other by-elections in the country.”

Source: APP