Commotion in KP Assembly over remarks against Imran

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly on Thursday witnessed worst commotion when the legislators from both treasury and opposition benches not only exchanged harsh words but also abused each other. The proceedings of the early sessions of the day, including question-hour and all resolutions, were passed unanimously in a pleasant environment.

However, the Leader of Opposition, Maulana Lutf-ur-Rehman’s criticism of PTI chief Imran Khan and the environment of his sit-in in the opening remarks of his speech angered the treasury benches. Maulana Rehman said that Imran Khan has been criticising others but, he himself has turned his party’s sit-in into a dance party. Such utterances on the part of the Leader of the Opposition infuriated the PTI’s women legislators who while protesting against the remarks asked Maulana Rehman to withdraw his un-parliamentary words.

In response to the slogans of treasury benches, the members of joint opposition also chanted slogans against the PTI leadership. On this occasion, Malik Behram of Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) and Abdul Monim of Awami Jamhoori Ittehad (AJI), the coalition partners in KP government intervened and made efforts to pacify the legislators from both opposition and treasury benches. Though Malik Behram and Abdul Monim succeeded in calming down some of MPAs from both sides, several legislators, including opposition leader, Maulana Rehman, left the house. But, at this stage, provincial minister Shah Farman and parliamentary secretary Fazal Elahi charged towards opposition benches angrily. However, PTI’s Shaukat Ali Yusufzai, JI’s Malik Behram and AJI’s Abdul Monim succeeded in bringing calm in the house.

Earlier, Maulana Rehman condemned suicide attacks on JUI-F chief Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman and thanked the house for expressing solidarity with the latter.

He recalled the sacrifices rendered by the leadership of JUI-F for Islam and democracy in Pakistan. He said that parliament is the sacred institution of the country and urged the PTI chief to raise his voice in the parliament, instead of speaking at the sit-ins. He alleged that the PTI chief, instead of strengthening democracy, was inviting dictatorship.

Maulana Rehman said that Imran Khan was, on the one hand, talking of the free media and, on the other hand, attacking officials and private media groups. He also criticized the KPK chief minister for spending the resources of the province on the sit-in in front of parliament house.

Later, Speaker Asad Qaiser adjourned the proceedings of the house till November 10.