CDA to eliminate Paper mulberry from capital

ISLAMABAD: Capital development Authority (CDA) is committed to eliminate paper mulberry trees in phases, which is main cause of pollen allergy in the capital.

CDA spokesman told APP that CDA had not only revived the work of the stalled projects which were being neglected since many years but had also launched and planned many projects of public welfare in the Federal Capital to facilitate the public.

He said that authority would eliminate mulberry trees from the capital and preferring to plant fruit plants and local indigenous species as their growth rate is high.

Authority would not cut off all the paper mulberry in one-go as it would leave a negative impact on the local environment. At the same time, the alternatives, including the local species and fruit varieties, he added.

It is pertinent to mention here that tree pollen is responsible for only a small proportion of the total number of hay-fever and asthma cases is of no comfort to those who are sensitive to such pollen.

The severity of asthmatic symptoms during the paper-mulberry season was so marked in these two cases that both individuals had to move to areas where this species does not grow.

So the steps taken by the CDA would give relief to the citizens of the capital as early winter, early spring and early summer are the peak seasons of the pollen.

Source: APP