Burka Avengers; special episode for polio awareness drive

Pakistan’s first animated superhero series ‘Burka Avengers’ has launched a special episode on ‘World Polio Day’ to spread awareness about Polio vaccination and its importance.

Haroon Rashid, the maker of animated cartoon series said, “In Pakistan, you can’t just do entertainment for entertainment’s sake. There’s got to be a message”. Haroon said the idea of doing a polio special episode came to him when he recently had to get inoculated before a trip abroad. Scriptwriter Arsalan Naseer, popularly known as the social media sensation Comics by Arsalan developed the idea a couple of months ago, local media reported.

The special episode is full of action, comedy and adventure along with a strong message in it.

The multi-award winning series features Jiya as the inspirational schoolteacher and her alter ego, the super-heroine ‘Burka Avenger’. Her use of books and pens as projectile weapons is symbolic on many levels. The Burka Avenger fights for justice, peace and education for all.

The animated series has won many awards including ‘Peabody Award’ and ‘International Emmy Award’ nomination. Reportedly, the team is currently working on second season of an animated series which is expected to release later this year.

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by Asfia Afzal