Blasts rock Bulgarian explosives plant, casualties feared

SOFIA: Blasts tore through an explosives plant in northeastern Bulgaria late on Wednesday, injuring at least three workers and raising fears of more casualties, officials said.

A large explosion was followed by a series of smaller blasts in a part of the privately-run plant where mines were dismantled in the village of Gorni Lom, about 145km (90 miles) northwest of Sofia, the interior ministry said.

Three women were taken to hospital with fractures, said the ministry, but there was no news on at least 16 other people in the plant before the explosions, state radio reported, citing one of the injured.

“At the moment we do not have confirmed information about casualties because we do not have access to the depot, but I cannot hide that we expect that there will be casualties,” the chief secretary of the interior ministry, Setlozar Lazarov, said.

Source: APP