Ali Gilani concerned over LoC tension

ISLAMABAD: Veteran Hurriyet lerader Syed Ali Gilani has expressed serious concern over the increasing tension between Pakistan and India on Line of Control (LoC).

Ali Gilani said in a statement issued in Srinagar that the shelling at the LoC should be immediately stopped to safeguard the lives of civilians.

“It is unfortunate that innocent people are being killed on both sides. Many people are forced to migrate from their villages to safer places,” he said, according to KMS.

The veteran leader urged New Delhi and Islamabad to start a peaceful dialogue to resolve the Kashmir dispute. He said that Kashmir was the core issue, which needed to be resolved for everlasting peace.

“Both the countries are nuclear powers and a  war between them can lead to a greater devastation. It is better to resolve the Kashmir issue through talks,” he maintained.

Syed Ali Gilani said India should adopt a realistic approach to settle the lingering conflict. “India must accept the reality of Kashmir and agree on the terms of UN resolutions.

Arrogance of military might won’t help it to suppress the aspirations of Kashmiri people,” he said.

The veteran leader pointed out that 150 rounds of talks had been held between India and Pakistan on Kashmir without yielding any results.

“India has always been in denial mode. It has become a bottleneck in the resolution of Kashmir issue. For last 67 years we are fighting for the resolution of Kashmir but India has never paid any heed.

India has to address the Kashmir issue to stop innocent killings on both sides,” he added.

Source: APP