62 professional beggars booked during special campaign

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad police had booked 62 beggars in a campaign against professional alm-seekers in the Capital territories.

According to a spokesperson of Islamabad Capital Territory police, the Islamabad police had launched aggressive campaign against professional alm-seekers in different shopping markets and at various traffic signals.

It was not first time that police has announced to kick off campaign against these beggars, he added.

He said that in the past, police had arrested a number of them during many campaigns; however, the capital city was not clear of them.

The police planned to register cases against the professional beggars, while the children might end up in child-care centers.

He said that the campaign was launched on the directive of IG Islamabad Police, Tahir Alam to clean federal capital from beggars.

He said that Islamabad Police had received a large number of complaints by the residents who were annoyed by the activities of beggars at traffic signals and shopping markets.

Source: APP