Sedentary life styles casting series impact on physical, emotional, mental health of people

KARACHI: Growing dependence of people on machines and rampant sedentary life-style is exposing people to physical, emotional and mental health conditions, warned the experts at a session organized to mark “World Physiotherapy Day” at Baqai Institute of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitations Medicines (BIPTRM).

Taking strong exception to the situation they said lack of activity severely compromises the capacities human being are bestowed with by the nature.

People in general were urged not to be indifferent towards their health status and also not to ignore their vulnerability towards communicable or non communicable diseases as diabetes, heart diseases, cancers affecting their mobility.

Negligence towards physiological and physical health could expose anyone to serious challenges with regard to their mobility, they reiterated.

Urging people to ensure that they remain physically active it was said that movement and methodical physical exercise often help people to retain their mental as well as physical capabilities even in the later age of their lives.

Dr. Anwer A.Kamal, the BIPTRM Director on the occasion said the the physiotherapy day was celebrated by the institute so as to create awareness about physical therapy and rehabilitation.

He said that physiotherapists are usually considered to be catalyst in rehabilitating those exposed to physical injuries, however, they have an equally important contribution towards helping out sportsmen exposed to muscle injury and so-forth.

Dr. Kamal also identified five specific conditions in which physiotherapists have a crucial role to play and these were said to include joint pains or dislocation due to any reason; bone and tissues related conditions leading to strain and string injury; neck and back pain; work related injuries and trauma; non communicable diseases related handicaps; incapacities due to heart problems; brain and nervous system induced injuries.

“It is again the physiotherapists who have an important role in rehabilitation of people exposed to strokes and spinal cord injuries,” he said.

On basis of his professional experience, he said careless approach towards backache, neck pain and joints pain often lead to permanent disability.

Prof. Kishwar Sultana, the Chairperson of Anatomy Department of Baqai University said physiotherapists are movement specialist who know how to help people get relief against pain.

This, she said was with specific reference to senior citizens and the patients with orthopedic complications or those suffering from physical disorder.

On the occasion essay writing as well as models and posters casting competitions were also held and participated by large number of students.

These posters and models highlighted the significance of physiotherapy in human life.

Batool Rubab, Faria Shezad, Tasbiha Hamid, Sunil Boota, Sadam Hussain, Sharshah clinched first prize for their model “Cardiovascular System”.

Second prize went to the model “Radial Nerves System” casted by Anum Qaimkhani, Batool Fatima, Kiran Shah, Hira Sumreen, Saadia Abbas.

Third prize was awarded to “Bell’s System” made by Tahreem Ahmed, Humaira Kanwal, Fatima Shoaib.

While in essay writing competition first prize was bagged by Batool Fatima of Final Year and Second prize was clinched by Umme-e-Lubab of First Year.

Source: APP