Salma Agha is preparing to re enter Bollywood

LAHORE: Renowned Actor and Singer, Salma Agha is preparing to play second innings of acting in Bollywood once again, Aaj News reported.

Sources report that this time, Salma Agha will be playing a role in TV serials and film production  as well along with acting.

She disclosed the name of her upcoming Film “Ye Kaisa Nikah” and it is reported that in this film her daughter Sasha Agha will also show up as an actress.

While talking to media, she said that she was busy in launching her daughter in Mumbai and in the meanwhile who ever met her desired  that she herself pursue her career in acting.

Salma said that she pondered over it and decided to resume her career but as a producer but when she got over whelming response from Bollywood,she made up her mind to play her role in acting as well.

She further added that she wanted to declare this publicly but she and her son were attacked by dengue fever due to which she was admitted in hospital for fifteen days.

“Ye Nikah Kaisa Hy”,is the final name of her film,Salma added.