Rivers Chenab run in high, low flood: FFC

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Flood Commission (FFC) has said that presently, the river Chenab is flowing in high flood at Panjnad Headworks with inflow/outflow of 430,500 Cusecs.

According to daily FFC report on Tuesday, The flood water level in River Chenab at Shershah Railway Bridge is receding. River Chanab is flowing normal at Trimmu Headworks.

Rivers Indus at Guddu is flowing low flood.

The inflow is 271,000 cusecs and outflow in 246,000 cusecs.

All other main rivers are flowing normal.

The actual river flows and reservoir elevations indicates that Mangla Dam has attained its Maximum Conservation Level of 1242.00 feet whereas Tarbela Dam also attained its Maximum Conservation Level of 1550.00 feet.

The combined live storage capacity of Tarbela, Chashma & Mangla reservoirs is 13.991 MAF as compared to last year’s 13.937 MAF.

According to Flood Forecasting Division, Lahore, yesterday’s shallow trough of Westerly Wave continues to prevail over Kashmir. Seasonal Low lies over Northern Balochistan.

Source: APP