Pakistan and Japan can become business partners: Envoy

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Ambassador to Tokyo Farukh Amil has said that Pakistan and Japan could become business partners as the present elected government was focusing on enhancing relations with countries in the South Asian region.

He was talking to governor of Aichi Hideaki Ohmura during a call on the latter here Monday. They discussed ways to boost relations between the industrial heartland of Japan and Pakistan. The Governor welcomed the Ambassador after a gap of 10 years and said Aichi was happy to support Pakistan’s effort to hold the first ever Trade and Business Seminar in Nagoya, a message received here said.

Pakistan, the envoy said offered many opportunities for Japan as it expanded its focus across South Asia’s youthful population, lower labour costs and a population favorably disposed towards doing business with Japan.

With a focused, democratically elected Government led by an experienced Prime Minister with a strong business background, Pakistan, especially its vibrant private sector was an important partner.

The Ambassador invited the Governor to encourage participation from Aichi in the next Expo in Pakistan, the Investment Conference in Islamabad and also positively evaluate the prospects of the Japan Special Economic Zone in Pakistan.

Aichi Prefecture has a GDP of US$ 340 billion, located at the center of Japan with over 80 corporate headquarters has an economy bigger than several developed countries.

Source: APP