Jhelum, Chenab in high flood

JHANG: The district administration has decided to breach Athara Hazari protective bund to save Jhang and Trimu headworks from floods.

High flood is reported at Trimu Headworks and at Rivaz Bridge near village Chund on the Jhang-Sargodha road. The Jhelum and Chenab are both in high flood and they join at Trimu Headworks to move into district Multan.

Light traffic has been banned on the Jhang-Sargodha road and at leat 70 villages of Jhang and Athara Hazari tehsils have been inundated by floodwater. Athara Hazari Town has been vacated and flood alert has been issued.

Large scale shifting of people is going on in tehsil Athatra Hazari as the protective bund would be balsted in any kind of emergency. The army is also busy in the rescue operation.

Provincial Minister for Minorities Tahir Khalil Sindhu, in a hurridly-called press conference, briefed the media about the flood situation in the area.

He said that a high flux of floodwater was expected to pass through Trimu Headworks on the night between Sep 8 and 9 and during the time Athara Hazari protective bund would be breached to save the headworks.

He said that required equipment demanded from Provincial Desaster Management Authority had reached here.

Source: APP