Its not time for blame game, ‘dharnas’ put nation into dead end; Haider Hoti

PESHAWAR: Former Chief Minister and Provincial Chief of ANP Ameer Haider Khan Hoti said on Wednesday that the ‘its not time for blame game, dharnas put the nation into dead end’, saying, demand for resignation from an elected Prime Minister by a few thousands of people would not be a good precedent which the PAT and PTI leaders trying to set in the country.

The demand for resignation from the PM is unconstitutional and illegal, he said this while talking to various delegations that called on him here at Bacha Khan Markaz. He termed the demand of PTI about PM’s resignation as mere a joke adding Imran would have to wait for four years till the next elections were held.

The game started by the PTI and PAT in Islamabad is totally unfair and unjust, he said adding majority of the demands of Imran Khan have been accepted as the deadlock was persisted only on resignation issue which is not at all acceptable.

The allegations of riggings in the polls should be properly probed however, making it conditional with PM’s resignation was not justifiable at all. If Imran Khan considered himself suitable for the slot of PM, then he should come through electoral process after four years, adding ANP wanted political solution to the political impasse.

He contended that if Imran Khan had no trust in Nawaz Sharif then at-least he (Imran Khan) should have trust and confidence in the Supreme Court.

He once again clarified that ANP was not supporting Nawaz Sharif’s Government but democracy and democratic system, adding it was a good sign that the entire political leadership was on same page in the parliament.

Ameer Haider Khan Hoti advised the PTI Chief to relieve the KP Government from the Dharnas so that could serve the people of the provice for which they have been mandated. He said it was unjust and unfair to leave over a million NWA IDPs in lurch.

He said the KP and federal governments should work jointly for their rehabilitation.

Source: APP