Eid-ul-Azha: The Festival of Sacrifice

Eid ul Azha or the “Festival of Sacrifice” is one of the two glorious festivals that Muslims celebrate with great zeal and zest. It is also called “Bakra Eid” or “Bari Eid” in the typical Pakistani language.

Celebrated on the tenth day of Zilhaj, the last month of the Islamic calendar the most significant aspect of this festival is the sacrifice of animals referred to as “Qurbani”. This sacrifice is offered to commemorate the great sacrifice offered by Prophet Ibrahim (as) and Prophet Ismail (as).

Animals such as cow, goat, sheep or camel are sacrificed to fulfill this sacred ritual. Slaughter of animals is the major allurement of this great Islamic event.

By slaughtering animals on Eid ul Azha, Muslims develop a sense of parting with one’s beloved property and goods and develop patience which is the true spirit of this religious ritual.